Guillaume Lamand, Group Head of Operations, Exane

A graduate of EDHEC Business School, Guillaume started his career in the Sales team of Paribas' Securities Services division. He then worked in the Companie de Trésorerie Benjamin de Rothschild in Geneva in Derivatives Sales (forex and rates) before joining the Accenture consulting firm as Strategy Consultant, specialized in financial markets and Investment Banking.
Guillaume joined Exane in 2001 as Head of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. He then moved up to the position of Head of Corporate Marketing and Client Strategy within Exane BNP Paribas, where he was also Head of the Cash Equity execution platform. Guillaume worked as Project Manager for Exane's Executive Management, before taking up the position of Group Head of Operations in 2017.

What is the scope of action of the Operations Department (DOP)?

The Operations Department covers all post-market functions for transactions conducted by Exane's Front Offices (Cash Equity / Derivatives). Our scope is particularly broad and is based on two main missions: to ensure the smooth functioning of transaction settlement and support business and market developments on the one hand; and on the other, to ensure the quality of controls and operational risk control.
Within this framework, our teams act as both business partners, responsible for managing and ensuring the reliability of transactions conducted on the markets in compliance with the regulations in force. In this regard, they interact with the main market players (clients, partners, clearing houses, etc.) and ensure clients are supported in all phases of their relationship with Exane (on-boarding, information and monitoring of transactions, billing, etc.). They work on a daily basis with Exane's various support functions (IT, Finance, Legal, Compliance, in particular) on technical and regulatory aspects.
Today, we have around 60 employees split between two main areas (Equity & Other securities / Derivatives) as well as three cross-functional departments (KYC Client, Client Reference Service, Billing). Our structure is built on a high level of expertise resulting from a generational mix, and its human scale enables us to adapt quickly to market developments.


How has the DOP evolved in the last few years?

By maintaining investment, Exane has developed its structure and become more agile, particularly through the strong industrialisation of its internal processes and "project" structuring. It is against this backdrop that the Operations Department has given some serious thought to digitisation. This has led to the implementation of new tools that have improved the quality of our processing and automated it within a secure framework (automated mailing, database synchronisation, securities transactions, etc.). The volumes handled have thus tripled in five years. On certain levels of activity, such as the processing of transactions on Listed Derivatives, we have moved to real-time post-market management, which has made our processes more fluid and boosted our responsiveness in executing our clients' requests.
Recently, we have also seen some significant regulatory developments in the financial world. These have required us to incorporate new control responsibilities and to work towards a more cross-cutting approach in our activities.

What are your next challenges?

The optimisation of our internal processes is one of our main priorities. In this regard, we plan to continue with our system automation, mainly by focusing on making our processes electronic and using new technologies, rationalising set-ups between markets as well as consolidating our tools and infrastructure (billing and CSA, T2S, etc.). In an ever-changing environment, we also aim to better anticipate developments in regulation and international politics (MIF, Brexit, etc.) and to adapt our organisation accordingly. Finally, our activity involves providing ongoing support to businesses, our clients and key partners with a view to offering an increasingly more efficient service that is in line with market developments.