Dear clients,

In response to the global disruption caused by the Coronavirus, we have been working intensively to increase the resilience and flexibility of our operations to ensure we can continue to serve our clients in all circumstances.


The health and safety of our people, clients and stakeholders are our top priority. With that in mind, we established a governance structure to monitor the situation and implement new policies & procedures in multiple areas including travel, quarantine, visitors and working from home. This committee meets daily to ensure we follow developments and implement best practices.


The vast majority of our staff are working from home since the middle of March, with the corresponding IT, communications and management set up now fully operational.


With the action we have taken we are confident that we are able to work efficiently and provide our full range of client services. Our set-up is of course compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements.


We are open for business and we are trying to make it as close as possible to business as usual. This will inevitably mean some changes to the way we work. We welcome your feedback on how we can best help you during this testing time.


The Coronavirus situation is presenting unique challenges to governments, companies and individuals leading to sudden changes in the normal patterns of everyday life. We will continue to work tirelessly to support you as the situation unfolds.


Kind Regards,


Exane Group Management