Mathieu Bernard, Co-Head of Exane Derivatives & Head of Equity Derivatives Flow Business,

Alessandro Ricci,Co-Head of Exane Derivatives & Head of Structured Products

A graduate of HEC business school, he started his career as Equity Derivatives Trader at Crédit Lyonnais and Natixis. He worked at Morgan Stanley in London before joining Nomura in 2009 as Head of Equity Flow Derivatives in Europe.
Mathieu joined the Exane Group in April 2016; he is now Co-Head of Exane Derivatives and Head of Equity Derivatives Flow Business.

With an MBA in Mechanical Engineering (Columbia University, New York), Alessandro began his career as a Business Analyst at McKinsey in Milan, before joining Lehman Brothers in London as Vice President. He has also held the position of Managing Director at Nomura and Leonteq.
In January 2017, Alessandro joined the Exane Group, where he is now Co-Head of Exane Derivatives & Head of Structured Products.


Could you tell us a few words about Exane Derivatives?

Exane Derivatives serves a broad client base of European Asset Managers, relying on top-notch Market Making on listed derivatives and convertible bonds. We are also a major interbank and electronic actors, ranked amongst the top firms by share in different markets.
We have also developed a range of innovative and flexible multi-asset investment solutions aimed primarily at meeting the needs of our Wealth Management clientèle.


Exane Derivatives is now ranked No. 1 for Convertibles Research in Europe (Extel Pan-Europe Survey 2019). What do you think are the factors driving this success?

Research has always been a mainstay of Exane's business model, recognised by all its clients for the quality of its content. It is in this context that Exane Derivatives developed, along with Exane BNP Paribas, its own Research offering, particularly for convertible bonds. This content, which is now sold as a full-fledged product to our clients, contributes to our brand's solid reputation and sets us apart from other market actors. Through the Extel survey, our clients recognise the value that our analysts are working to bring to their day-to-day business.


The market for structured products in Europe is evolving. How are you assisting your customers through this transformation?

Investor and distributor requirements for structured products have evolved over the years as a result of the regulation and commoditisation of traditional offering. At the same time, we have seen a growing demand for innovative content and product customisation, particularly for Wealth Management clients. That's why, at Exane, we prefer to talk about "investment solutions": each client is unique and our products combine ideas from our research or structuring teams to meet our clients' needs.


What are the other development areas within Exane Derivatives?

Our primary objective is to continuously optimise our client offering, by investing in our content and our execution infrastructure. In particular, we are allocating a major share of our resources to digitalising our processes and going electronic with our market making operations. Our ambition is to continue to offer one of the best services on the equity derivatives market in Europe. The recognition from our clients, who have ranked us in the Top 3 of the Derivatives & Convertibles* category for the fifth year running, supports our strategy.

*Extel Pan-European Survey.