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A culture of innovation dedicated to our clients

Drawing on its recognised expertise in brokerage in convertible bonds and in European options, Exane Derivatives has developed a complete range of products, based on skills from conception to execution: brokerage and market making on options and futures, brokerage in convertible bonds and design of cross-asset investment solutions.

Covering equities and credit across Europe (600 European equities and 250 issuers followed), Research is naturally at the core of our system. Our offer is based on the top-down recommendations of our economists and the bottom-up recommendations of our equity / convertible bonds / credit analysts.




High-performance brokerage and market making on options and futures


Ranked at no. 2 in equity options market making (1), Exane Derivatives is one of Europe's main liquidity providers, and operates, within a controlled risk management framework, in all activities relating to equity derivatives :

  1. market making on options (equities, European indices and sector indices),
  2. market making on futures (equities, indices, sector indices and dividends),
  3. sale of multi-asset class listed options,
  4. equity finance activity to ensure the refinancing of the trading room, particularly via financial securities lending, and to hedge short positions in accordance with applicable legislation.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the markets and our competitive execution platform, our clients can implement their most complex strategies in derivatives.


(1) Eurex 2018 (on block trades, in market share of notional traded).




Brokerage in convertible bonds targeting the best opportunities

Having initially specialised in convertible bonds, Exane Derivatives has developed its expertise to propose services in market making and the sale of convertible bonds.

Our strategies dedicated to convertible bonds offer investors the opportunity to take positions in these asset classes and quickly capitalise on the best market opportunities on the back of dedicated and wholly in-house credit and convertible Research.


The ECI (Exane Convertible Index) European convertible indices, created and launched in 1992 by Exane Derivatives, have today become benchmark indices for most investment funds in European convertible bonds.


Cross-asset investment solutions with high added value


Our structured solutions platform issues innovative products that cover all our institutional and private clients' investment objectives in Europe and Latin America.


Thanks to our internal cross-asset expertise, our clients enjoy privileged access to a wide range of investable assets including equities, funds, currencies and credit.


We also leverage our leadership in Equity and Credit Research to develop a complete range of thematic and systematic proprietary indices or to propose investment themes in line with market cycles.


Focused on our clients, our engineering teams work closely with our Research and Sales teams to devise efficient solutions along the whole product creation chain: from product conception to execution of the deal. As we are aware of market trends, we closely support our clients during the post-trade phase by regularly monitoring secondary market positions.


Mathieu Bernard, Co-Head of Exane Derivatives & Head of Equity Derivatives Flow Business,

Alessandro Ricci,Co-Head of Exane Derivatives & Head of Structured Products


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