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A major expertise in asset management

The Exane Group's asset management business is built around two asset management companies, Exane asset management, Ellipsis AM, and Ixios Asset Management whose areas of expertise extend the Group's business lines. They are based respectively on the equity and fixed-income universes, and thematic management.







Founded in 2001, Exane asset management is a portfolio management company specialising in stock-picking within the European equity investment universe.

Since its creation, Exane asset management has focused on absolute performance, delivered by its experienced team of portfolio managers, analysts and sector experts. Exane asset management is today one of the leading French and European players in long/short equity fund management.

At the end of 2018, assets under management stood at 4.6 billion euros through 15 long/short equity funds, 1 long only equity fund and 1 multi-stratgy fund.



Our investment universe is made up of listed equities. Our business development strategy is chiefly based on the specialisation of our teams and the sharing of a common framework, namely portfolio building.

Our organisational structure is based on distinct sector segmentation, which fosters high-quality expertise.

Drawing on its expertise in equities and the solidity of its team of fund managers-analysts, Exane asset management today proposes 2 types of conviction-based asset management strategies to a diversified portfolio of European clients (institutions and corporates, distribution, and multi-management): long/short equities, the company's historical core business, and directional management (long only equities since 2012 and long/short thematics since 2017).

As a leading European player in the management of market neutral long/short equity funds (direct or collective funds), EAM has also included directional equity funds within its offer.



For further information please see the Exane asset management website:

Pierre Séquier, CEO of Exane asset management


An asset management team and sector experts

  1. 15 long/short equity funds
  2. 1 long only equity fund
  3. 1 multi-strategy fund
  4. A specialised management team (18 fund managers)
  5. European distribution
  6. Extensive sector coverage


Exane AM

ELLIPSIS AM, specialised fund management : convertible, credit, allocation and volatility




Ellipsis AM is one of the Exane Group's asset management units. With 16 years of management history, Ellipsis AM is specialised in convertible bonds, credit and volatility.


With 26 dedicated employees, including 9 fund managers, and €2.1bn in funds under management (as of end of 2018), Ellipsis AM is a major player in bond fund management and a reference in European convertible fund management. Gildas Hita de Nercy has been Chairman of the Board of Ellipsis AM since 2012, after 20 years as Head of Exane Derivatives Research.


In 2012 Ellipsis AM rounded out its bond expertise by creating a credit & allocation division focused on high-yield credit, short-term debt and a multi-credit allocation. Its experience in credit analysis and macro analysis feeds all of the management teams. Via its volatility & overlay division specialised in listed derivatives, Ellipsis AM has offered strategies to manage hedging of asset portfolios since 2008, as well as a strategy of exposure to the European dividends futures market since 2011. All these areas of expertise contribute to the management of a long-short multi-strategies fund launched in 2015.




Our main collective funds are registered in France, Switzerland and Italy. Our offer meets the requirements of various investor profiles: institutionals, collective management, wealth management, family offices. It is marketed directly and through intermediaries in Europe, including our subsidiary in Switzerland since 2019. We also offer dedicated funds and management mandates adapted to our clients' objectives and investment constraints.


Our investment policies include an ESG approach based on the BNP Paribas Group's sector investment policies, and for convertible bonds, on a qualitative assessment of non-financial criteria within the analysis and stock picking process.




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Complementary expertise

  1. 4 complementary fund management divisions
  2. 10 UCITS core funds
  3. 9 specialised fund managers

Gildas Hita de Nercy, Chairman of the board, Ellipsis AM

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Ixios Asset Management is a fund management company running global long only funds built around long-term, high conviction themes. It manages highly concentrated portfolios using a rigorous stock selection process based on fundamental and strategic analysis.


For more information, please, see the Ixios Asset Management website:

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Ixios AM

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