Asset manager, Paris
I joined Exane Asset Management as a Buy-Side Analyst for the health sector in December 2014. I am a graduate of Sciences Po Aix and ESCP Europe, and before coming here I had worked as a Sell-Side Analyst in a French-American investment bank for 4 years, after starting my career within a pharmaceuticals group. Having the opportunity to work in a place which values sector expertise and collaborate with asset management professionals are the two reasons for which I chose to join Exane Asset Management.

Today, my job involves managing an investment fund and taking positions on companies in the healthcare sector. I keep up to date with what’s happening to companies in my sector daily, and talk to sell-side analysts to make sure I have the best possible understanding of news that may affect the price of the companies concerned. A large part of my work also consists of building valuation models and thinking about the investment cases for each company.

Finally, we often meet with company managers, in a bid to understand them as fully as we can. A keen interest in current events, financial analysis skills, and a strong capacity for organising and prioritising information are key in this role.

The job allows for a great deal of independence in the way you organise your day, and which topics you decide to explore further. Every day is different, as everything depends on what’s going on in the sector and its companies.