Analyst, London
After graduating from a French business school and interning at an investment management firm through which I first crossed Exane’s path, I decided to enter the equity research business. I joined Exane’s research department end-2015 through an internship in the insurance team and was subsequently offered a permanent position within that team. Research divisions are split by business sectors and I was interested early on in focusing on financial companies. Their analysis is vastly different from that of an industrial one and the wide range of topics to look at appealed to me.

As a research analyst (sell side), you bring sector expertise and produce investment recommendations for a variety of different clients. Financial modelling skills to help build strong convictions are therefore one part of the business, but client interaction and being able to share these views are crucial as well.

It is that range of different tasks, exposure to the markets and possibility to interact regularly with both investors and corporates which motivates me to work in equity research. As a leader in European equities, Exane brings a commitment to product excellence, a strong dedicated structure but also the opportunity to work alongside bright and open-minded people. That translates day-to-day not only into a dynamic and challenging environment to evolve in but also a fun and pleasant one.