Compliance Officer, Paris
I’m a legal expert by training, and joined the Central Compliance Department at Exane as an apprentice during my final year of study. The experience proved extremely valuable, and so I accepted the opportunity to become a permanent member of the Financial Security team – where I had carried out my apprenticeship – straight away.

Nowadays, my role as Compliance Officer involves identifying money laundering and terrorism financing risks, as well as corruption risks, incurred by Exane, and ensuring compliance with international sanctions and embargoes. Most importantly of all, I am also responsible for preventing these risks, and ensuring that Exane complies correctly with the various laws and regulations in these areas.

In terms of compliance, curiosity is definitely no bad thing: on the contrary, we must always be aware of what is going on around us, and make sure we’re up to date with the latest regulatory changes in order to better anticipate them. It is also crucial that we demonstrate our capacity for analysis and synthesis, so that we may understand and adapt Exane’s activities to regulations accordingly. I think organisational skills are essential for a Compliance Officer, as they enable us to go from one subject to another without losing track of what’s going on. That is what I love about my job: the variety, and the way that regulations constantly change means that there is always something new to learn.

Aside from my interest in my job, I think that Exane, because of its culture, encourages colleagues to talk to each other directly. For me, this is essential, because it encourages us to engage in proper dialogue and enables us to work much more smoothly and efficiently, especially with business lines.

Finally, I see Exane as a company which really knows how to bring its junior members of staff to the fore; among other things, I’ve had the chance to get involved in projects and discussions that are very close to my heart, and constantly benefit from how my managers are always ready to listen to me.