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In joining Exane, you will become part of a challenging environment driven by strong and shared values. If you see yourself in Exane's way of thinking, come and join us!

entrepreneurial spirit

You will have the opportunity to put your entrepreneurial skills into action. As part of a fast-moving team working hand in hand with decision makers, you will quickly gain in autonomy and exposure to the world's financial markets. Probably more than anywhere else, your personal investment will be valued and rewarded.


If you are determined to succeed, you will fit in perfectly at Exane, with our clear and ambitious strategy. Whether in Paris or one of our offices around the world, you will become part of the Exane success story.


Working alongside our experienced analysts, sales people and traders will challenge you to achieve excellence in all domains. You will be giving your career a head start in a demanding environment at the heart of the financial markets.

Our HR commitments



Responding to challenges and change in a constantly-evolving world is essential. That is why Exane offers both individual and group training sessions throughout the year which provide employees with an opportunity to hone their technical knowledge, develop their managerial skills, and learn how to adapt to new challenges, with training on technical and managerial skills, regulations, business expertise, language development, computer skills, personal development, and much more. Around 300 training sessions were set up during the Covid-19 crisis. The Human Resources Department also organises conferences, workshops and webinars which focus predominantly on HR-related topics and quality of life at work.







to ensure the transfer of KNOWLEDGE


Exane promotes the idea of young employees joining its teams for the long term, and works to ensure that there is a transfer of skills between them and our most experienced team members. A staff member is selected as a "mentor" for each new employee to provide them with guidance as they begin their career, with a view to encouraging their integration into the company and passing on the essential skills and knowledge they will need to do their job.

to promote diversity


Under the Gender Equality Agreement (Accord Egalité Hommes-Femmes), which was signed in 2011 and renewed in 2015, and in 2018, Exane commits to equal treatment of all genders in terms of recruitment, ensuring a work/life balance, career prospects, training and pay. In 2021, Exane scored 87/100 at the gender equality index in France as defined by law, and calculated on the basis of 5 criteria: the difference between wages, the difference between pay increases, the difference between promotions, the number of employees who had a pay raise after returning from maternity leave, the number of women in the 10 highest remunerations (to learn more, click here). It is the result of a policy led for many years aiming at ensuring diversity and professional equality for all the employees. Discrimination is also something the Group is working hard to tackle, regardless of the reasons behind it (gender, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, etc.).



As part of the Employment and Career Path Agreement (Gestion des Emplois et des Parcours Professionnels, GEPP) signed in 2016, Exane set up a business and skills monitoring unit with which they can analyse and anticipate the different types of change which could impact business lines and skills at Exane. It has also rolled out an individual and group coaching system which aims to identify and develop employees' current and future skills (including appraisal and development reviews, career path interviews, internal mobility and training...).



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