Exane SA London Branch

In the context of Brexit, Exane aims to ensure total continuity of service, regardless of the form of Brexit which is eventually agreed between the UK and the EU. As a result, we are planning to adapt our legal structure.

We are planning to merge Exane Limited into Exane SA and establish a branch of Exane SA in the UK.

This FCA-approved London branch would take over all current activities, obligations, contracts and undertakings of Exane Limited as from the merger date, 29th March 2019. All contracts entered into by Exane Limited would transfer to Exane SA. All activities currently carried out by the Singapore & Stockholm branches of Exane Limited would be operated out of newly created branches of Exane SA in these same locations.

The merger would not affect the contractual arrangements for existing clients of Exane SA (including clients of Exane SA's branches).

This page provides useful information in the case you may need to onboard this new entity. It will be updated periodically.

Important Documents for Exane Clients:

 Exane in brief

 Exane SA VAT account number

 Exane SA Financial Statements for Exane SA

 Exane SA ACPR registration for Exane SA

 Exane SA Certificate of good standing

 Exane SA Kbis

 Exane SA Articles of Association

 Exane SA London Branch Companies House

 Exane SA London Branch FCA Firm Registration

 LEI Exane SA (also applicable to the London Branch)

 Tax form (W-8BEN-E)

Please feel free to reach out to kyc@exane.com if you have further questions.

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