The asset management arm of the Exane Group is embodied by its 2 asset management companies, Exane asset management and Ellipsis AM. Their expertise derives from the Group businesses, through two dynamic specialised asset management strategies, based respectively on the equity and fixed-income universes.

Founded in 2001, Exane asset management is a portfolio management company specialising in stock-picking within the European equity investment universe.

Since its creation, Exane asset management has focused on absolute performance, delivered by its experienced team of portfolio managers, analysts and sector experts. Exane asset management has thus become one of the leading French and European players in long/short equity fund management.

Assets under management at the end of 2017 stood at EUR 6.9 billion, through 17 long/short equity funds and 1 long-only equity fund.


Our investment universe is made up of listed equities. Our development strategy draws from our founding principles:
- Sectorial expertise, Exane asset management's core business
- Concentrating risks on our recognized areas of expertise

Our organizational structure is based on distinct sector segmentation, which fosters high-quality expertise, within a secure risk control environment.

Drawing on its expertise in equities and the solidity of its team of fund managers-analysts, Exane asset management therefore offers 2 types of conviction-based asset management strategies, absolute performance (the company's core business line) and European equities since 2012, to a diversified portfolio of European clients, institutions and corporates, distribution, banking and insurance networks, multi-management.

With a 12-year track record, Ellipsis AM is one of Exane Group's asset management units. It has expertise in active and specialised fund management, offering conviction funds on value added assets: convertible bonds, credit funds (high yield, short term and credit allocation) and exclusive funds (dividends, overlay, long/short credit).


Ellipsis AM currently has EUR 2.3 bn in funds under management (as of 29/06/2018) and 26 dedicated employees including 9 fund managers. Ellipsis AM is a major player in bond fund management and a reference in European convertible fund management. Ellipsis AM has research and risk management at the core of its investment process. Its historical culture combining convictions and risk management offers a strong fit with the Exane Group's knowhow.

Thanks to our "research-driven" approach, we take an absolutely independent position on our convictions. We capitalise on the unique access to Exane Group research on equities, convertibles and debt securities. Gildas Hita de Nercy has been Chairman of the Board of Ellipsis AM since 2012, after 20 years as Head of Exane Derivatives Research.

Our range of collective, dedicated funds satisfies the requirements of various investor profiles: Institutionals, UCITS, wealth management, multi-management, family offices and independent financial advisers. Our funds are marketed both directly and via Exane Derivatives, our main distributor. Our main funds are registered in France, Switzerland and Italy.

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